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BlueBay Asset Management (BlueBay) is an active fixed income specialist, structured to deliver outcomes tailored for investors seeking to enhance the returns of their portfolios.

A diverse team of highly skilled risk takers

Rigorous investment process

Active client engagement

Fully integrates ESG into investment process

37 specialist strategies

8 offices globally (UK, U.S., Japan, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Australia and Italy)

109 investment professionals

6 sub-asset class specialisms across relative return, total return and alternative investment strategies

We believe it is our culture and integrity that sets us apart.

To us this means a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, and the collaboration of strong talent. Everyone who works here is important. It’s a team effort and everybody has a key part to play.

We are continuously evolving in our efforts to offer compelling investment propositions to clients through relevant products with the goal of superior performance. A key element of this is to attract and retain high quality staff who share our goal and vision.

Sub-asset class specialisms across relative return, total return and alternative investment strategies

The Global Leveraged Finance team is a large and experienced team of research-oriented investment professionals. Crucially, the team has experience of analyzing credit and investing across multiple credit cycles. This multi-cycle experience is a prerequisite to investing effectively in both rising and falling markets.

The team is comprised of 26 investment professionals including 9 portfolio managers and 15 credit analysts. The average experience of the portfolio management team is over 16 years and is one of the most accomplished in the marketplace.

Global Investment Grade team

The strength of the Global Investment Grade team stems from the quality and size of our team – we have a large, well-resourced team of professionals with deep experience and knowledge of developed market economies both on the macro and credit side. The team is predominantly based in London, but with a satellite investment hub in Stamford, CT, USA.

Global Convertible Fixed Income team

There are ten members of the BlueBay Convertible Fixed Income team. Our portfolio managers have a combined 40 years' investment experience and our dedicated team of analysts brings a combination of equity, convertible bond and distressed expertise to the desk.

The six-stage investment process incorporates our macroeconomic outlook, fundamental company analysis and relative value skills to construct a balanced and diverse portfolio.

Structured Credit team

Structured credit is an important sub-asset class and is supported by one of the largest and most experienced fixed income research teams globally. The Structured Credit team is managed by Sid Chhabra, Head of Structured Credit and CLO Management.

Located in London, UK and Stamford, CT, the team is comprised of 15 investment professionals with an average experience in excess of 15 years.

Multi-Asset Credit team

There are two experienced decision making groups with a range of skills that determine positioning.

The Asset Allocation Committee decides the overall asset allocation as well as any capital preservation techniques. The committee has six members with an average of 20 years investment experience and a range of expertise including specific asset class knowledge, macro policy and investment risk.

Special portfolio managers for each underlying asset class who select their best ideas within their designated allocation. Each investment team has a proven track record, a diversified team of analysts and expertise in a range of sectors and countries within their asset class.

Emerging Markets Debt team

Our strength stems from the quality and size of our team. We have a large, well-resourced team with deep experience and knowledge of emerging market countries from cultural, linguistic and political perspectives. The entire team is based in London, facilitating fluid communication among the team members

The team, comprised of 34 investment professionals, is headed by Polina Kurdyavko, a senior portfolio manager and partner of the firm. 

Our strategies