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Webinar Series:

Not the time to be idle — Taking action in today’s credit markets

Episode two: Adventures in Multi-Asset Credit – opportunities in a higher interest environment

In recent years, Multi-Asset Credit (MAC) has been a popular choice with investors due in part to the low yields offered in traditional credit markets. In today’s environment of higher interest rates, the flexibility inherent in MAC has taken on increased significance. Join Blair Reid, Senior Portfolio Manager, BlueBay Fixed Income Team, as he shares his insight on the best risk-adjusted opportunities, the use of hedging tools, and ESG within MAC.

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The Navigator:

The debt ceiling: history repeating

On this episode of The Navigator, we chat with Brandon Swensen, Senior Portfolio Manager, about the different potential scenarios that may play out as the government tries to avoid a crisis. Particular attention is paid to reviewing similar circumstances from the past with a focus on lessons learned.

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Notes from the desk of Polina Kurdyavko

Emerging markets – a high coupon affair or true love?

Polina Kurdyavko hits the road, reflecting on her observations from around the world while tying in fresh investment perspectives related to emerging markets.

Read less Highlights from her latest note
  • Emerging market debt yields are at a 20-year high, but investor’s interest is at a crossroads
  • Focus may evolve into a longer term, more constructive allocation
  • Shift in attitude is bolstered by more orthodox monetary policy and geopolitical realities
  • Investments are often based on trust and this will continue to develop as emerging market countries improve their institutions .read-open, .expandable:not(.open) .read-closed { display: block; } .expandable:not(.open) .read-open, .read-closed { display: none; }

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Global Equity investor insight

Monthly update with Jeremy Richardson

To keep pace with fast-changing news from around the world, it helps to have an expert in your corner. Tune in each month as RBC Global Equity Senior Portfolio Manager Jeremy Richardson reviews key global market events in one concise video to help keep you informed.

The weekly fix:

A quick Leveraged Finance primer

We are pleased to provide a new weekly video series, The Weekly Fix, featuring Andrzej Skiba and members of the US Fixed Income team sharing insights into the events that are top of mind with fixed income investors.

Impact investing

Investors today are increasingly committed to doing good without compromising doing well financially. Learn how you can advance positive social and environmental impact through core fixed income portfolios.

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Discover how investors are making a local impact
We partner with regional entities to create impact investing collaboratives for their communities. These collaboratives provide mission-driven investors a coordinated approach to support high-impact projects important to them, through scaled investment in their geographies.

Minnesota Impact Investing Initiative (MI3)

Philanthropy California Impact Investing Initiative

Philanthropy Northwest Impact Investing Initiative

Local-Impact Fixed Income Targeted Investment New Mexico (LIFT NM)

Annual Impact Investing Report

Ron Homer: An impact investing pioneer

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Fixed income

Learn how our BlueBay Fixed Income Team is finding opportunity in a credit environment challenged by inflation, geo-political tensions and fallout from the pandemic.

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Webinar Series: Not the time to be idle
In this year’s webinar series, we will examine the realities of inflation, recession, defaults, liquidity and geopolitical risk and how they are impacting the global economy and altering the investment landscape.

Subscribe and read our latest Global Macro Update
Passionate, insightful, contrarian at times and always a true thought-leader in his field, Mark Dowding, BlueBay’s CIO shares fresh fixed income insights every Friday.

Subscribe and read the latest note from Polina Kurdyavko
Polina Kurdyavko hits the road, reflecting on her observations from around the world while tying in fresh investment perspectives related to emerging markets.

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A weekly video series dedicated to providing our US Fixed Income team's view on the most recent market trends.

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We are pleased to offer additional vehicles for investment in our emerging markets and international equity strategies listed below.

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Global expertise

RBC Global Asset Management has expanded its investment capabilities by bringing on talent based around the world, allowing us to build truly global portfolios. Our investment teams are committed to the pursuit of deep fundamental knowledge, collaboration, integrating advanced investment and risk management tools, and embracing innovation.

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RBC Global Asset Management brings a breadth of investment capabilities that allow us to create customized client solutions through RBC GAM's specialized investment teams supported by global resources.

Fixed Income
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