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Geographic Summary

State/County Amount % of Total
Hennepin $75,502,852.88 58.24%
Anoka $16,831,920.69 12.98%
Dakota $12,908,654.9 9.96%
Ramsey $7,346,178.86 5.67%
Wright $2,328,255.04 1.80%
Washington $1,865,968.39 1.44%
Olmsted $1,597,796.8 1.23%
Scott $1,404,269.43 1.08%
Isanti $707,154.86 0.55%
Sherburne $604,188.01 0.47%
Clay $594,214.72 0.46%
Nicollet $505,440.78 0.39%
Chisago $436,646.86 0.34%
Nobles $390,680.1 0.30%
Dodge $288,714.85 0.22%
Blue Earth $280,199.44 0.22%
Le Sueur $245,147.77 0.19%
Kandiyohi $238,889.19 018%
Todd $238,226.56 0.18%
Polk $221,772.45 0.17%
Crow Wing $218,049.42 0.17%
Lake Of The Woods $201,248.38 0.16%
Statewide $200,000 0.15%
Benton $196,761.45 0.15%
Carver $176,947.59 0.14%
Stearns $109,041.09 0.08%
Cass $80,860.4 0.06%
Rice $74,776.56 0.06%
Mille Lacs $50,352.78 0.04%
St. Louis $42,186.28 0.03%
Mcleod $39,107.63 0.03%
Meeker 30,776.07 0.02%
Fillmore $17,728.19 0.01%
Lyon $2598.82 0.00%
New Haven $2,388,350.06 1.84%
New London $51,935.07 0.04%
Cass $594,806.59 0.46%
Burleigh $235,358.04 0.18%
Bowman $84,103.12 0.06%
Meade $184,227.51 0.14%
Brookings $105,533.2 0.08%
Yankton $7926.33 0.01%
Total $129,629,847.16 100.00%
MI3 map

As of 09.30.23 Source: RBC GAM, Tableau

Note: Subsidized housing resident data is only available for assisted housing subsidies under the following HUD programs: public housing, tenant-based, and privately owned, project-based; Data is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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Impact Summary

Investment Summary Statistics

  • RBC Access Capital investments for MI3 spans 34 different in Minnesota totaling $130 million
  • 718 - Low income Single Family mortgages, totaling $121 million
  • 9 - Affordable Multi-Family projects, totaling $7.6 million, providing 455 rental units
  • 6 - Small Business Loans totaling $400k

The Minnesota Impact Investing Initiative supports home ownership for:

  • 718 affordable mortgages for low-moderate income (LMI) families
  • Average loan amount is $241,000
  • 100% of borrowers earn less than 80% of area median income (AMI)