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Investing for impact

Competitive fixed income returns
Competitive fixed income returns
  • 25 years impact investing
  • Team depth and diversity
Aligned with UN SDGs
Aligned with UN SDGs
  • Proprietary impact measurement framework
Climate change solutions
Climate change solutions
  • Net carbon negative
Positive social impact
Positive social impact
  • Measurable, transparent positive social impact
  • Invest to reduce inequalities1
  • Geographic targeting1
Strategic partnership
Strategic partnership
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BIPOC is an acronym that stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.
1 Targeting options only available in certain vehicles and are subject to investment minimums.

Impact Investing annual report

Our 2022 Impact investing annual report provides an in-depth view of our fixed income impact-focused strategies, highlighting the change and growth that occurred in 2022 and how we believe our investments are contributing to pioneering solutions that seek to mitigate climate change, reduce inequalities, and create a more prosperous society for all.

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2022 Impact investing annual report

If you are interested in how clients are using their influence to make an impact in their communities or across themes, or to see examples of what impact investing can look like, we invite you to take a look.

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ESG integration


Impact investing

Affordable homeownership

Dedicated to helping low-and-moderate income families build wealth


Increased access to education for people most in need

Climate change solutions

Focused on financing wind, solar, mass transit and electric vehicles

Health & wellness

Investing in hospitals, vaccines, medication, medical devices and nutrition

Multi-family affordable rental housing

Safe affordable housing for low-income families that are predominantly BIPOC or women-
headed households

Small business

Financing small business growth & job creation in underserved communities with a focus on essential services

Clean water & sanitation

Water infrastructure projects, expanded access to water, and wastewater treatment

Addressing racial wealth inequalities

Investing in underserved communities at RBC:

Strategy homeownership profile

As of 12/31/2022

Low-to-moderate income borrowers
Fair lending standards applied

Strategy affordable housing profile 2

As of 12/31/2022

Are low-to-moderate income
Women head of household

Strategy small business profile

As of 12/31/2022

Small business loans are made in low-to-moderate income communities3
Small business loans are made in BIPOC communities4
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2 Low-to-moderate income data: Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council (FFIEC); 2019 Community ReinvestmentAct Data Fact Sheet; RBC GAM & U.S. Census Bureau. Figures represent the weighted average of all neighborhood residents across census tracts in which the Impact strategy's affordable housing investments are located. Note: Subsidized housing resident data is only available for assisted housing subsidies under the following HUD programs: public housing, tenant-based, and privately owned, project-based.
3 RBC GAM, U.S. Census Bureau.
4 Profile of all small business holdings in the RBC Impact investing strategies where data is reported.

Our approach to climate change solutions

We seek to mitigate risk and invest in high impact climate solutions to create resilient portfolios over the long term. To do this, we invest in projects that promote:

  • renewable energy
  • clean air and water
  • land preservation
  • efficient resource use
  • environmental remediation projects

These investments can be guided by focusing on a subset of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a global agenda to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all by the year 2030.

Climate Focused Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable goals

Invest in your community

Explore how investors have made a local impact

Video Series: Investing for Impact in today’s credit markets

Investors are now facing one of the most challenging and nuanced credit markets in history. Join Ron Homer, Mindy Frye and Brandon Swensen as they explore the evolution of impact investing and current impact investing opportunities.

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Impact strategies

Our impact team

Partnering with our clients for 25 years to support positive social outcomes for underserved individuals and communities through impact investing.

Meet the team


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